Fast, Easy Financing For Your Rolex Purchase

Did you know that we offer fast and easy financing for your Rolex watch purchase from us?

At Leo’s Jewelers of Wayne, Michigan we accept all major credit cards to help make it a little easier to purchase your Rolex watch from us. We also offer fast and easy financing for your Rolex watch purchase.

Rolex watches are much higher priced than your everyday, run-of-the-mill wristwatch. We do our best to keep our prices on Rolex as low as possible. We are very familiar with the Rolex watch market and how there are times when prices on these magnificent watches fluctuate. As such we keep our prices in line with what the market dictates. But, regardless of how low we price our Rolex watches, they are still higher than many people can afford to purchase outright and without any financing.

Financing Makes Your Purchase Affordable

With our financing, you can afford the luxury watch you’ve always wanted. You can afford the easy monthly payments without terribly upsetting your budget.

Ready to purchase your watch? Just let us know which watch you are interested in owning. We will then take your information to get you the financing you need with low, easy monthly payments. It only takes a few minutes to get you the approval you need and we can have you on your way wearing the watch of your dreams.

Low Pricing and Easy Financing Approvals

With our already low everyday prices and our fast and easy financing approvals, there is no reason for you to put off buying the Rolex watch you want. At Leo’s Jewelers, we want to see everyone enjoy owning one of the finest timepieces in the world. A watch that is unrivaled in quality and whose name is instantly recognized worldwide. We want to see you with a watch that you will truly enjoy wearing.

Call us now at 734-721-4311 or stop in to see us and let us get you the easy financing you need to buy your Rolex today.