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Roberto Coin

The Roberto Coin brand was born in 1996. Its founder, with whom it shares its name, driven by the innate love for the world of art and fashion, decided to leave his successful career as a hotel manager to follow a dream and face a new and passionate adventure.

His creativity took shape through the hands of the historical and most renowned Italian jewelry artisans, who brought Roberto Coin’s romantic and borderless imagination to life through their skills, telling his story through jewels that truly become works of art.


The Mikimoto woman is captured in real moments, her allure building as she’s portrayed in a range of scenarios, from the cosmopolitan and kinetic to the personal and romantic. The pearls she wears seem inseparable from the woman herself— perfectly suited for the lifestyle of luxury, beauty, and grace that she cultivates. South Sea and Akoya cultured pearls are featured throughout and complimented by one-of-a-kind sapphire and diamond jewelry.


In 1977 LAGOS was founded in Philadelphia by Steven Lagos. LAGOS was one of the first brands to bridge the worlds of fine jewelry and accessibility.

In 1984 LAGOS introduced the Caviar collection. Quickly the brand became well-known for its innovative two-tone creations in 18-karat gold and sterling silver. The current collections incorporate the many contemporary trends in fashion; bold cuffs, layered chains, pearls and colored gemstones. Each piece is expertly crafted from start to finish, keeping the values of LAGOS’ high standards.

Shy Creation

Shy Dayan, founder and chief designer, has a deep understanding of the jewelry needs of the modern woman. Shy designs jewelry that is both sophisticated and inspirational allowing for a high rate of turnover.

Shy’s designs originate from a legacy stretching back over thousands of years. Inspired by the great civilizations, Shy expresses this heritage in his beautiful and inspirational jewelry.

A multiple JCK award winner, each piece is designed and meticulously manufactured with unparalleled standards in quality and beauty.


When four decades of jewelry expertise meets design innovation unlike any other, you have Dilamani. A brand of exquisite jewelry that grows with you—always fresh, always evolving. Handcrafted pieces built to last from only the best gemstones and metals in the world. Our unique designs are inspired by travels around the globe, taking in the highest fashion, renowned architecture, and natural wonders big and small. When you wear Dilamani, you’ll know it. And so will the world.

Hulchi Belluni

The exclusive Hulchi Belluni jewellery line, founded on October 15th 2001, started as a real classic collection. Thanks to its diversity as well as its innovative skills, Hulchi Belluni has become a line of genuine, high quality jewellery: renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already gained admiration from all over the world.


Founded in 1975 by master of inlay Stavros Eleftheriou, Kabana was born from a profound love of fine jewelry and superb craftsmanship.

Only the most skilled jewelers are qualified to inlay a Kabana piece. Each gemstone is meticulously sculpted by hand to fit perfectly into its channel, and then thoroughly hand-polished to a seamless finish. Our solid inlay creates a gemstone that rises above the gold forming a dome, creating Kabana’s signature look that is recognizable around the world.

Simon G.

Simon Ghanimian, President of Simon G. Jewelry, knows what women want. From bracelets to wedding bands and beyond, Simon, has become the leading trendsetter in bridal and fashion jewelry for over 20 years.

Located in Southern California, he has become an international jewelry designer where fashion is the focus and fine-quality, contemporary, and diamond-set jewelry is the specialty.

The Simon G. Jewelry collection includes classic to contemporary styles of wedding bands, neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Preferably using 18 karat or platinum, Simon G. hand selects his own metals and only uses natural colored diamonds imported from Belgium, Israel and India. In using only the finest gems, each piece of jewelry is hand finished with unique workmanship that includes intricate beadwork and engraving.

IDD Jewelry

IDD has a stellar reputation as the quintessential partner for regional jewelry chain stores and independent jewelry retailers across North America. IDD has developed the reputation as the “go to” supplier for diamond basics. IDD is the trusted supplier to thousands of retailers nationwide for basic jewelry programs and best selling bridal.


Lafonn is a design house and manufacturer that creates works of art. Guided by its Old World mystique of eternal beauty, Lafonn is an arbiter of exquisite jewelry. Expertly crafted in sterling silver bonded with platinum, yellow, or rose-gold, and set with the world’s finest simulated diamonds, genuine gemstones, and lab created gemstones, every Lafonn piece is coveted for its exceptional brilliance and fire.

Monica Rich Kosann

All of our jewelry is designed in the United States and produced with our manufacturing partners in New York, Europe and Thailand.

Design and product execution is very important to us so only the most talented artisans in the world bring our collections to life; creating a product that is both beautiful and stands the test of time.

We pride ourselves on making jewelry that moves with you. Whether it be a locket with hinges and mechanisms to keep your photos safely inside, a pocket watch key that swivels in your hand or a charm necklace with articulated parts and elements that will surprise and delight, we want our jewelry to move and integrate easily into your daily life.

We give attention to all details. For example, when you close our lockets you will hear “the click”. This ensures your stories are kept safe. We work to use the strongest, highest quality materials. All of our lockets incorporate gold wire in the hinges and closures ensuring they remain strong for years to come.

Leo’s Estate Jewelry

Leo’s Jewelry began as a small toy and furniture store started by Leo Zuckerman in the early 1940’s. The strong demand for its and collectible items influenced the decision to change the format of this small “house-store”. The new gift store was opened in 1954 and was located 2 doors west of where the store stands today.

What our store offers you

In Store Financing

Leo’s accepts most major credit cards as well as having our own in-store financing available. Please contact us for more information.

Repairs and Cleaning

Leo’s offers onsite repairs and cleaning. Stop in and we will make your old jewelry glamorous again.

Leo’s Wants to Pay You Top Dollar

We pay top dollar for you broken or unwanted gold jewelry, diamonds and platinum.

Onsite Jeweler

Are you looking for something a little more personal?  Our onsite jeweler will help create the perfect custom piece that is like no other.

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