The Difference Between A Used Rolex and a New Rolex Watch

What’s the main difference between a new Rolex watch and a used, discounted Rolex watch? When it comes right down to it, the real difference in these watches is the price.

Generally, a used Rolex watch will be priced lower than when the watch was brand new. Then we apply Leo’s discount to the watch and you really notice the difference in price. That is why so many people have come to rely upon Leo’s Jewelers of Wayne, Michigan as their primary source for buying discount-used Rolex watches.

We do mention that generally, the price of a used Rolex is lower than the price of a new Rolex. However, there are many instances where a used Rolex watch will be priced higher than when the watch was new. Collectors of Rolex watches can drive the price of a used Rolex much higher than when the watch was released from the factory. This happens when the watch has some special significance. Add to the special commemoration and the low manufacture numbers of these particular models and prices can skyrocket.

You Will Still Save With Us

But, even when it occurs that a particular used model of Rolex increases in price, we still apply Leo’s discount to the price of the watch. You can be sure of paying the lowest possible price for a used Rolex watch when you shop with us.

Your Concerns About Buying A Used Rolex From Us

Are you concerned about buying a used watch instead of a new watch? There is no need to worry. First, we assure you that when you buy a used Rolex from us that you will be buying a genuine Rolex watch. Each Rolex comes with factory serial numbers that we can compare to verify that the watch is genuine. Next, we try to provide you with the original papers and the original box whenever possible. The papers will also help to assure that the watch you are buying is genuine and it’s always nice to have the original box as sometimes people will use it for display. It always helps to have papers and the original box if you wish to sell your watch somewhere down the road. Having these items will help to keep the value of the watch a little higher.

If your concern is whether the used Rolex watch you buy from us at a discount price is in good working order, then set those worries aside. We are experts when it comes to Rolex watches and how they work. We thoroughly inspect each watch before offering it for sale. If we come across anything about the watch that could possibly be a problem for you, we correct it before we offer it for sale.

As you can see, buying a discount-used Rolex watch from us is a good thing for you. You will save money on your purchase and you will be getting a Rolex watch in perfect working order and a watch that shines and looks good as new.

It’s Easy To Shop With Us for a Used Rolex

So how can you shop with us for a discount used Rolex watch? It’s simple. You can check out our inventory online. Browse our online showroom to find the perfect watch for you. You can buy your watch securely online using our online shopping cart. If you have any questions when you are shopping online, use our handy chat feature found on your screen. If you prefer, you can always give us a call during our regular business hours at 734-721-4311. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Of course, there are some people who may be nearby our location who wish to stop in and check out all of our discount used Rolex watches. We welcome you to come in and look around.

However you choose to shop with us, you can be assured of buying a quality item with huge savings compared to what you might expect to pay elsewhere for a comparable used Rolex watch.