What Makes Rolex Watches Look So Good?

Ever wonder why Rolex watches look so good? Ever wonder why, even among some of the most expensive watches on the market, Rolex watches seem to stand out in the crowd and always look so good?

Made With Oyster Steel

Do you think that there is a single or simple answer to your question? There really isn’t and yet at the same time, there is one thing that is outstanding about Rolex watches compared to other luxury brands of watches. Rolex watches are made with what they refer to as Oyster Steel.

Oyster steel? Really? And just what is Oyster steel? Have oysters somehow evolved in the sea and changed their shells to become steel rather than the calcium-type material they have been known to be for thousands of years? That’s an interesting thought, but that is not what has occurred. Oyster steel doesn’t come from oysters. Oyster steel is 904l steel.

A New Stainless Steel

Briefly, 904l steel is a form of stainless steel. This alloy mix is far more resistant to rust or other discoloration and corrosion. It also takes on a shine when it is highly polished, far exceeding the shine of other stainless steel forms. If you were like Rolex and wanted to create a metallic watch, then you would want to use materials that looked great once they were polished. That’s why, along with metals like gold, titanium, or white gold, you will find that Rolex watches are created from 904l steel, or as they refer to the mix, Oyster steel. After all, looking great is a large part of the battle when selling very high-end watches.

Precious Gemstones

Along with case and band materials that are very eye appealing, you may also find some Rolex watches that are additionally dressed up using rare and precious gemstones. Nothing like a few, or maybe a lot of nice shiny diamonds to help catch your eye, right?

Beautiful Design

What else is there about Rolex watches that are so appealing to everyone? The overall design of the watch is always very appealing. Rolex watches are rather simple designs in many regards. Instead of trying to come up with something very fancy in design, it seems that Rolex goes by the philosophy of “less is more”. Rather than insert too many design elements into their watches, they tend to leave them uncluttered and at the same time almost instantly recognizable as a Rolex.

Now That You Know

If you’ve wondered what makes a Rolex watch look so good, now you know at last some of what goes into the manufacture of a Rolex watch to make it look so good.

Find Your Great-Looking Rolex Watch

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