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Dora Rings

Dora is a family owned Company devoted to creating only the finest Bridal rings.

They began in Europe and have become known throughout the world for their uncompromising quality, exceptional value, and sensational designs.

Dora Fashion Anniversary Rings, Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings are meticulously crafted in a broad selection of innovative styles.

They have the unique ability to vary ring widths, metal combinations, diamond weights and shapes so that your ring will be custom created to fit your personal style and taste. If you're looking for traditional, classic or modern, we'll have the ring that's perfect for you. Each Dora ring comes with a lifetime warranty and your own personal certificate attesting to its quality. The Dora Hallmark inside our rings is your assurance that it was crafted to exact specifications.

Visit the official Dora Rings Website for more information.